With more than 200 years of industry experience, XLX possesses the technical, commercial and financial expertise that is essential to the long-term success of its investee companies.

Proactive Origination

The XLX team has an established network within the resources and energy sectors, including technical consultants, investment bankers and corporate executives. This extensive network, together with a dedicated investment team and strong reputation in the market, provides XLX with a consistent pipeline of quality investment opportunities.

Disciplined Investment Analysis

The XLX team boasts a diverse range of backgrounds including mining, engineering, construction, processing, operations law and finance. This broad skill-set enables XLX to conduct extensive due diligence in-house, with third party advisors engaged as required. When considering an opportunity, XLX focusses particular attention on the quality of the asset, management team and prospects for growth.

Project Development Capabilities

XLX provides support to management teams throughout the project development cycle, including:

  • exploration and resource evaluation;
  • conceptual development planning and infrastructure design;
  • developing management teams;
  • community and other stakeholder consultation;
  • project managing environmental studies and approvals process;
  • designing and implementing an optimal financing structure;
  • project construction; and
  • operations.